Keppel Land Hospitality Management (KLHM) has over 20 years of experience in managing an award-winning chain of hotels, serviced apartments, golf clubs, resorts and marinas in Singapore, China, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam. Apart from establishing Keppel Land's presence in developing economies, KLHM adds value by offering hospitality services to properties owned by Keppel Land. By building guests' confidence in our products and services over the years, Keppel Land is renowned for not just property investments, but also a forefront service provider for modern living. It is our aim to provide unparalleled service to travellers from around the world who stay, dine, meet, relax, golf or sail at our properties.

The integration of hospitality elements enhances the overall value of Keppel Land's projects. KLHM embraces "Thinking Unboxed" by creating memorable experiences for our guests and setting new benchmarks in the market. One classic example is Marina at Keppel Bay. We redefined the coastline and transformed the space into a lifestyle hub for locals and expats, and an oasis for our residents of Caribbean and Reflections. We are not just a mere marina, but together with the Sailing Academy as well as the myriad of food and dining options, we have created a unique locale where contemporary living is epitomised.

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"I joined Hospitality Management since 2006. What keeps me ticking? The opportunities to grow outside my scope of work as the head of Keppel Bay Sailing Academy (KBSA) constantly motivate me. Just to cite a few recent examples: I was tasked to set up the sailing academy in Zhongshan and to be involved in project management at Nongsa Point Marina. It gives me great satisfaction solving issues, finding solutions and growing the business to create a strong brand for the academy as well as Marina at Keppel Bay.

KLHM provides a supportive environment for staff which encourages innovation and creativity. The company has truly lived up to its motto of "Thinking Unboxed" by giving staff the freedom to try out new innovations.

We certainly welcome individuals who are highly motivated, adaptive and service oriented to join our team. This is a place where your potential can be unleashed and maximised."
Tan Thong Meng
Manager, Sailing

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