Every decision is made with the interests of the customer in mind. This principle guides how Marketing operates in Keppel Land. Marketing conducts market research and studies to identify and anticipate customers' needs and wants. With this knowledge, marketing inputs are incorporated into every stage of the property development. From the conceptualisation right to the design development stages, Marketing is actively involved and works hand in hand with the other members of the project development team. Marketing also plays a critical role in the areas of product pricing, publicity, leasing and sales.

In Keppel Land, we are not just thinking. We are "Thinking Unboxed". Marketing is also responsible for creating an unparalleled experience for each customer so as to leave a lasting impression. Each Keppel Land project is anchored with vanguard features and elements that are relevant and yet distinct in the market. Whether it is in the showroom or reading the brochures, every encounter with Keppel Land is a chance to share in our pursuit for excellence.

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"In the marketing team, we take pride in our job as we are making a difference to people's lives. Buildings are not just bricks and mortar. We are creating a community that people work and live in. Our sincerity touches many customers and we build trust and belief.

In Keppel Land, we are encouraged to think differently and be innovative. This keeps me challenged. We are also a closely-knit team who work very well together leveraging on one another's strengths, so it has really been an extremely rewarding journey since I joined in 1998!

To those who are passionate about seeing and doing things with fresh perspectives, we welcome you onboard."
Lee Yong Poh
Assistant General Manager, Marketing

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