Keppel Land's promise and commitment goes beyond the transaction. Working as a team with other departments in Keppel Land, the Property Management function upholds the reputation of the Company, ensuring product quality and service excellence in both commercial as well as residential developments.

To truly understand our customers' needs, we see and feel from their perspectives. This keen knowledge of customers' needs puts us in a unique position to positively influence the design of the Company's developments in Singapore as well as overseas. In commercial developments, Property Management acts as the Property and Facilities Manager to offer solutions and improvements to the facilities and fixtures of the buildings, ensuring that the properties are well managed and maintained, creating an impressive environment and memorable experience for our customers and other stakeholders. In residential developments, the Property Management team ensures that the units are ready and fit for hand-over to customers and acts as the main point of contact for customers concerning the units they own.

The spirit of "Thinking Unboxed" is manifested in the course of work in Property Management by constantly challenging ourselves to offer innovative and pragmatic solutions for our customers. We trust that sincerity lays the foundation for long-lasting relationships with our customers.

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"I know that this is the job for me when I feel motivated by seeing the smiles on our customers. Through understanding our customers and meeting their needs, I get a sense of fulfillment as my efforts leave a positive impact on someone. The opportunity to work with professionals from diverse fields hones my interpersonal skills and broadens my knowledge on construction and post-completion building and facilities-related matters. I also gain a better appreciation of the chain of activities involved in property development.

To those who resonate with my passion, property management offers you a career with a good blend of people management and technical know-how!"
Grace Lee
Deputy Manager, Customer Focus

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