Keppel Land has been a journey of personal and professional growth alongside a team of individuals who are committed to the company's
continued success. Yeo Hwee Pey, Senior Manager
A Personal Story

This is my tenth year with the company having joined immediately after graduation. Although new to real estate, I find it very fulfilling to be involved in the planning and development of a property and witness it come to completion literally brick by brick.

Over the years I have worked in different roles and geographies. I started my career with a short stint in Property Management before covering Business Development for the China market for a few years. I then took up an overseas posting in Tianjin, which was a steep learning curve whether it is in seeking new business deals or eventually leading the operations for one of the development projects. One has to constantly question, explore and innovate in order to tackle the constraints and challenging business conditions, all the more so when we are out of our comfort zone. I have since relocated back to Singapore, taking on a broader corporate function perspective. After setting up a unit to review and analyse the performance of our assets in different countries, I will be taking up yet another new challenge to head the risk management team.

Looking back, I am grateful for the many opportunities that came my way as the combined experiences helped me to grow, not just professionally but personally as well. The 4.5 years that I spent in Tianjin was the most memorable. I was continuously expanding my knowledge and skills to help me quickly adapt to the local nuances and in the process, fostered many strong friendships and camaraderie. The guidance and support that I received from all around bosses, peers and direct reports - made me realise that one person can only do so much, but as a team we can accomplish so much more together!


Hwee Pey has a first class honours degree in Economics from the National University of Singapore.

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