After success with type B and type C houses at The Riviera at Puri. In mid-October, Keppel Land Indonesia once again launched one of the best types of dream houses in the The Riviera at Puri residence. The type D house!

By understanding the needs of the Indonesian market, Keppel Land Indonesia not only built The Riviera at Puri houses for families but also apartments at The Crest West Vista for new family or single couples. And after the launch of the type D dream house in the The Riviera at Puri residence in mid-October, Keppel Land Indonesia confirmed the final stage of rebranding The Crest West Vista apartment area located in Puri, West Jakarta, is also completed in 2018.

Stay at The Crest West Vista

When you decide to buy The Crest West Vista studio unit, you not only buy a residential unit but all the facilities available at The Crest West Vista.

The Crest West Vista studio unit offered by Keppel Land Indonesia, is equipped with IKEA furniture which is also beautiful and multi-functional. Just call the dining table as our choice from IKEA inside the studio unit, it can be extended or shortened easily. Moreover, we also pay attention to environmental sustainability by saving water so our choice of water taps for studio units is a tap that has water saving technology.

In addition to a bed with a cupboard that is large enough to accommodate your clothes, the kitchen and dining table are also next to each other as an area to explore your cooking. Not to mention mentioned, is a comfortable bathroom that meets the need to clean up quickly or when you want to linger.

Unit Variety at The Crest West Vista

With 600 million in total and down payments starting at 4 million rupiah, you can also do more than you thought at The Crest West Vista. In addition, it is strategically right next to you a highway to airport and any other area. You can also relax inside The Crest West Vista with a variety of facilities.

For those of you who are very concerned about your health or want to start a healthier life, staying at The Crest West Vista is the best solution. Because of the following things. Aqua gym. The aqua gym inside the swimming pool is the first aqua gym provide in an apartment in Indonesia. Aqua gym is added to a very large swimming pool. You can also enjoy a separate Jacuzzi pool attached to the main pool. If you are too lazy to swim and prefer to move in the gym room, we also provide its own comfortable gym building with beautiful views of the city of Jakarta. Jogging track, tennis court, Yoga patio are some of the other facilities for a choice of other activities.

Not only comfortable home for single. The Crest West Vista apartment also has a unit with 1 bedroom and a 2 bedroom unit, which comfortable for young families who have one to two children. Besides that, kids and family playing area is also facilitated by us with a children’s playground, BBQ pavilion and family picnic park.

How do you think? Directly visit the marketing office of The Crest West Vista at Puri on the Outer Ring Road No. 8 Duri Kosambi, West Jakarta or call +021 29030700 for futher information about purchasing your new property.

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